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Green yards are stunning, but require a bit more work than their non-green brethren. We can help you with that!

No need to miss a watering or two! A sprinkler system will have you on your way to a beautiful green landscape.

Need to tighten, line up or seal a sprinkler system? Lay back and leave the work to us!

Excess water build up just needs a place to go. Let us help you direct it where it should go.

Is it light you are looking for? We can brighten up your home with efficient and unique lighting.

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Amazing clients have allowed us to produce landscapes we are proud of.

What They’re Saying

I had a potential leak in my yard so I called Luis to come out because he had some of the best reviews in the area. I see why.

When I called, first he tried to walk me through it over the phone, so he didn't have to come out and charge me a service charge. At that point, I knew he not only knew what he was doing but wasn't trying to overcharge me or anything. I thought that was very considerate to take the time to do that.

Like I said, he knows his stuff, and he was able to help me figure out where the leak was coming from. He also taught me more about my system and why I was having patches in some areas of my grass. We got some of the heads replaced for an extremely reasonable price. Overall, it really was a great customer service experience. He's also very personable. I found someone to help me out with my yard and someone I could eventually consider a friend. Cheers to you Luis. Thanks a lot for the help.

Conner Orent

Luis is very professional and found my leak problem quickly. He is very personable and spent a lot of time with me setting up my controller app and showing me how to use it. Very reasonably priced for the work done. Will not use anyone else but Casas Irrigation!

Gary Watson

Luis came by my house and did a great job. Educated me on how the sprinkler system works (the controller, the hoses, the sprinklers, water flow, etc.), programmed the controller correctly, fixed all the leaks and overall left me at ease that he knows what he's doing.
Also very nice and professional. Highly recommend.

Joao Coelho

Short review: Does outstanding work. Will use again in future if needed.

Long review:
Very impressed by the work Mr. Casas and his crew did correcting our drainage problem. Poor grading and landscaping by the builder caused rainwater to run between our house and a neighbor's house. When I write "run" I mean like a small river. We started having erosion problems so I looked I got a couple of estimates including one from a large, well known company who previously fixed a sprinkler issue for me. Their quotes were a little pricey for what they said they'd do. I searched online and found someone in our neighborhood used and highly recommended Mr. Casas. During his visit to look at our problem I was impressed by his ability to explain the solution in terms I understood. We scheduled a day for him to do the work.
When Mr. Casas and his crew arrived on the work day, he gave me an overview of the project and they went to work. Several times during the day he had me come out and explain what they were doing and why. There was no guesswork involved. They used levels to ensure they had the proper slope for the drain pipe, the entire project was hand dug to avoid damage to gas, cable, and electric lines. When they were finished the dirt was replaced and tamped into place. The work site was clean and looked better than when they started.
Several days after they finished we received rain. There was no river of rainwater running by my house. The new drainage system worked perfectly - for a couple of thousand less than the other quotes I received.
Have already referred him to my boss. In short, I highly recommend Mr. Casas.

Jay Brack

Great job, great service, honest and dependable...Definitely my go to guy for myself and my #1 recomendation for friends and family.

Andre Curry

Neighborhood Favorite

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