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Elevate your North Dallas property with Casas Irrigation Drainage and More, your leading local experts in irrigation, drainage, and landscape lighting services. Our team is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces with high-quality, sustainable solutions tailored to the specific needs of North Dallas. From initial design through installation and maintenance, we use cutting-edge technology and innovative practices to ensure your systems are both effective and efficient. 

Whether you’re looking to save water, improve plant health, or light up your nights, trust us to bring your outdoor visions to life.

Irrigation Sprinkler, Drainage, and Landscape Lighting Services in North Dallas

Irrigation Services We Offer in North Dallas, TX

Casas Irrigation Drainage and More is proud to offer comprehensive irrigation services to the North Dallas area, ensuring that your landscapes flourish while conserving water. Our professional team specializes in the installation and maintenance of advanced sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, and efficient watering solutions tailored to the unique Texas climate. By integrating state-of-the-art technology with our deep understanding of local water management challenges, we provide systems that optimize water usage and enhance the health and appearance of your lawns and gardens. From residential homes to commercial properties, we ensure that all projects meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Sprinkler Installation

Get professional sprinkler installation services in North Dallas with Casas Irrigation. Our systems are custom-designed to meet your landscape’s specific needs, ensuring optimal coverage and efficiency.

Sprinkler Repair

Casas Irrigation offers quick and reliable sprinkler repair services in North Dallas to keep your irrigation system running smoothly, minimizing water waste and maintaining your landscape’s beauty.

Irrigation Maintenance

Regular maintenance by Casas Irrigation ensures that your North Dallas irrigation system operates at peak efficiency, extending its lifespan and reducing the likelihood of costly repairs.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems from Casas Irrigation in North Dallas are ideal for targeted watering, delivering moisture directly to the roots and significantly reducing evaporation and runoff.

Our Drainage Solution for Homeowners in North Dallas, TX

In North Dallas, proper drainage is crucial to protecting your property from water damage and maintaining the health of your landscape. Casas Irrigation Drainage and More offers expert drainage solutions, including the installation of surface drains, French drains, and channel drains, designed to effectively manage and reroute excess water. 

Our team also provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services to keep your drainage systems functioning optimally. With our expertise, you can prevent erosion, standing water, and other issues that can compromise the structure and aesthetics of your property.

Surface Drains (Catch Basins)

Our surface drains in North Dallas are engineered to quickly capture and redirect excess rainwater, preventing flooding and protecting your landscape from water damage.

French Drains

Casas Irrigation installs high-quality French drains in North Dallas, which are perfect for removing excess water from soggy areas and improving overall soil drainage.

Channel Drains

Optimize surface water evacuation with our durable channel drains, ideal for North Dallas properties that experience frequent or heavy rainfall.

Drainage Maintenance and Repairs

Trust Casas Irrigation for ongoing drainage maintenance and repairs in North Dallas, ensuring your systems remain effective no matter the season.

Landscaping Design, Installation, and Lighting Services in North Dallas, TX

Turn to Casas Irrigation Drainage and More for professional landscaping design, installation, and lighting services in North Dallas. Our experts work closely with you to create a customized outdoor living space that not only reflects your style and vision but also increases functionality and value. From stunning garden designs to ambient lighting that enhances evening enjoyment, we handle every aspect of your landscaping project with precision and care.

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Choose Casas Irrigation Drainage and More for unmatched expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction in North Dallas. We are committed to delivering high-quality, innovative outdoor solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.
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